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the plan..

morning girls, well the plan for today was to eat as little as i can rly.. bcos i swear my tummy is expanding FUCK :/ altho my legs are not as big as they were happy about those :)

ohh.. but had a moment of weakness.. for breakfast i had a FULL bowl of nesquick again WTF is wrong with me arghh!! :@@
anyway im going to work that shit off when i get pumping on that stairstepper today for 20 mins again even tho i did try high intensity for a bit for 10 mins it unfortunately builds muscle so FUCK that i dont wanna be bulky and just ewww, u still look thick and fat even tho it isnt no matter what it takes!! i WILL be thin and gorgeous :)
lunch will be NONE.. i promised myself i wouldnt eat any il just buy a bottle of diet coke, should keep me satisfied im actually getting to like it quite alot :)(L) and its only 5 cals per bottle.. its my new best friend fer sureee :)) and dinner well i can NEVER get out of :s (eurgh fucking parents)  hmm have to think of something, i dont have to eat it all they cant force me they WONT force me to :)

hopefully i can stick to this plan my determination just keeps getting better so i SHOULD be able to do it!

updates tonight people :D


pissed off :/

omg the 1 thing i hate most about having jelly rolls is when i slouch they make marks and lines on my stomach its disgusting!! Its like u can tell EXACTLY where they are and people must think what a fat pig! :/ go on a diet or starve yaself love! ..well thats what i reckon they are thinking anyways
Any1 else have this problem? i fucking hate it :'(  Any1 have any suggestions on how to get rid of them or just help them not show as much as they do EW :/
thanks much appreciated xx

so proud i resisted today :')

Today i think iv done well iv done my usual exercise routine this morning and even added 10 crunches in :) anyways heres how today/tonight went...
Breakfast: A bowl of nesquick with a small cup of milk OMFG!! i never realised it was THAT much o dear :s 375cals i think :/ ..i know i rly dont see why i ate it tbh bcos i didnt even feel hungry hm :X
Lunch: A strawberry muller light yoghurt 113cals hm not so bad it just revived my sugar craving rly
Dinner: Pastatwist (about half a plate) and was meanta eat 4 small hotdogs but i got away with 2 haha fed the other 2 to the dog :) anyways altogether for that was around 300-350 i think.. not sure :s i cant rly tell bcos my mum threw the packagings away before i could memorize the calories in them ://
my parents were luckily out the room in the garden when i fed the hotdogs to the dog tho but my interfering twat of a brother was watching me eat and said "why are u eating so slowly?" i was like "o.. not hungry" i was thinking.. "whats it got to do with u anyway!?, just please leave the room so i dont have to eat anymore" and haha funnily enough he did :D
and finally..
Drinks: 3 cups of tea 35 cals each so... 105cals :O wow thats alot just for a couple of drinks..

TOTAL CALORIE INTAKE (roughly) : 763 ..hm not great but not the worst i spose.

After that my family were like literally stuffing their faces with chocolate biscuits, and the smell wafted over i wasnt tempted 1 little bit i was so amazed!! im finally resisting its just the best feeling :)!! 

Hopefully i can keep it up il keep yal posted about goings on tomorrow, on the stairstepper tomorrow.. the more exercise the better and will be restricting ..obviously all wish me luck :)



So so so happy iv come back to pro-ana :) I feel i have the willpower to do this and more determined than i have ever felt before its such an amazing feeling ;') and  tbh i rly dont get why i left before, how stupid was i?! I was getting the best support and advice from every1 on here i feel at home il defo be sticking around on here now i promised myself bcos i kno i wont regret it :) its just the help and support i need i miss all of ur thinspiration and advice it keeps me going strong whenever i feel im spiralling downward i kno i can always count on u all tysm!!(L)
il keep my progress, exercise, food diary n just my general mood posted to u all!

thinking thin(L) ^^


jade ..needs to be thin no matter what it takes :)

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